Meet the Judges for the 2019 State of Tennessee Old-Time Fiddlers' Championships!

We at the State of Tennessee Old-Time Fiddlers' Championships take great pride in having the finest judges available for our music and dance competitions. All our judges, led by Judging Coordinator Boge Quinn, are championship-caliber musicians who bring a lifetime of experience to our event.

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Music Judges

Boge Quinn

A mandolinist, guitarist and Old-Time banjo player, Boge was raised in Clarksville, TN and grew up around the State of Tennessee Old-Time Fiddlers' Championships. Boge has won many contests across the Southeastern United States over the years, and has served for many years as a judge at the Uncle Dave Macon Days festival in Murfreesboro, TN. Boge currently plays and sings Gospel and Old-Time Country/Western music as a solo act, leads singing at a small country church where his late dad completed his long career as Pastor, and plays and sings Blue Grass, Blues/Rock,  and Country music in local groups.

Ed Carnes

Ed was born and grew up in Leitchfield, Kentucky, and has been playing the fiddle since 1977. He began playing as a charter member of the Grayson County school orchestra and learned to play fiddle with several other students who also became champion fiddlers.

Ed has won fiddle championships in 5 states - Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama and Ohio, and placed as high as Runner-Up in the Grand Master Fiddler Championship. He has won numerous other championships, such as the Mid-America Championship (5 times), Empire State Championship, Western KY. Championship and many others. Ed has fiddled all over the US, and also in Canada. An accomplished and Nationally certified fiddle judge, Ed has judged the KY State Championship several times, the IN State championship, the U.S. National Contest in Weiser, ID, the Western Open Contest in Redding, CA, and many other contests. Ed has two solo recordings of his music available, and has been featured on several collections. Ed is also one of the organizers of the new Grand Master Fiddler Championship Competition, which restarted in 2005, and serves on its Board of Directors.

Sam Vance

J. Sam Vance began playing banjo at age 12.  By the time he graduated high school, Sam had cut his performing teeth on the contest circuit around Middle Tennessee and at square dances, picking parlors, high school performances, and church functions.  Beginning in 1982, he played southeast Tennessee and regional events and toured with the Tom Morgan Family band.  During this period, Sam helped record Benny Williamsí Tribute to Bill Monroe project.  An unexpected phone call came from Music City Bluegrass in late 2001.  He stayed with MCB until 2004 and then graduated to the much-heralded Fast Forward band, a Nashville area super-group with over 35 band contest wins under its belt.  Between 2004 and 2007, Sam split his playing time with the Memphis-based Tennessee Gentlemen, touring the USA, Canada and Europe. Encouragement from Samís fellow band members was his impetus to record his Banjo Crossing project in 2005. After the FF and TG stints he became Old Hickoryís charter banjo player in early 2008.  The band currently operates under the moniker of Blue Hollow.




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